Frequently Asked Questions and Information:


What is a house concert?

Imagine sitting in the comfort of someone's home enjoying live music in an intimate setting.  Thus - a HOUSE CONCERT!  The audience is generally a collection of friends and family of the presenter, home owners and the musicians.


Most often, audience members initially hear of a HOUSE CONCERT via word of mouth.  The rest is history as they become hooked and join a mailing list to receive notices of future events.

The artists are professional musicians who are performing at a very discounted amount because it is rewarding to share their music.


Want to Meet the Artists?

Absolutely!  The HOUSE CONCERT environment allows the audience to interact with the artists before, during and after the show.


Food? Beverage?

A variety of appetizers will always be provided.  Wine and other beverages are available but you are certainly welcome to bring a bottle of your favorite wine to share!


Location of concerts?

The HOUSE CONCERTS take place in Camas, Washington which is located adjacent to Vancouver, WA and 15 minutes from PDX.


Q:  Why are the address and directions unpublished?

A:  This isn’t a business.


One of the requirements for this not to be considered a business is that the address is not listed on the website.  When you make your donation to reserve your seat, I will send you a confirmation email along with the address and other information. 


By the way, the hosts do not make money on the events. This is not considered a fund-raiser.  It is all about experiencing great music by amazing musicians and providing them with some financial assistance through donations to help make it happen.


How do I reserve my seat?

Reservations are available in advance either by check (email me for payment address) or via credit/debit card using PayPal here on the website. Reservations are confirmed and directions are provided by e-mail. Seating is limited to approximately 30-40 guests depending on location. We like to collect donations in advance so that we have one less thing to do that night and you can just come and enjoy.

What is the suggested Donation?

$20 per person is the suggested donation for each event. 

HOUSE CONCERTS do fill up.  Save your seat now by clicking the "Donate" tab!


Your reservation will be confirmed and directions provided

via e-mail.



Want to join the

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Emily Braden

Dan Gaynor

Monday, may 8, 2017    7:00 pm


with Matt Aronoff

Thursday, January 16 - 2014

Who is coming?


Check out their websites!

Tom Wakeling

Randy Porter

David Tull

Saturday, April 18, 2015


with Randy Porter

Thursday, Sept. 12, 2013


Thursday, November 13, 2014

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